December 29, 2012

A Party Hub Tailgating Grill Fryer That Makes the Ultimate Meals

My older brother's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks here. I found this online a couple of weeks ago and ordered it immediately. There is nothing about this that doesn't fit my brother's personality and his hobbies, so I know that he is going to love it! They go tailgating all of the time with their friends (they have season tickets for their favorite NFL team and even got an RV to travel to the games in).

This product is the king of propane cooking devices. It has 452 square inches of cooking surface which is plenty for them and their friends. This is a grill that has infra-red heat and a fryer. It also has a griddle as well as a warming space. With all of the things included with the tailgating grill fryer, you can fry wings, french fries, onion rings, as well as grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, and use the griddle for hot sandwiches or breakfast items.

This is awesome and it really takes grilling to a whole new level! I want one for myself now, too!

December 27, 2012

My Nephew LOVED his Trading Cards

Are you all ready for the weekend like I am? I love Christmas, but it can be so overwhelming and tiring to plan, buy gifts, wrap them, clean, travel, and cook to prepare for the holidays. I always look forward to the holidays, but I'm not going to lie--I'm glad it's over!

We had an amazing couple of days. I love watching all of my loved ones open their gifts. It's a great feeling to know that you make somebody happy with a gift that they love and can use.

I've never seen somebody so excited as my nephew was when he opened his gifts from us. He was practically jumping up and down after opening the trading cards that we bought for him for Christmas. He couldn't wait to open his cards and put them in a binder. It's going to be very easy to shop for him for his birthday and future holidays. We will definitely be getting him more trading cards in the future!

December 25, 2012

Making Him His Favorite Breakfast for Christmas!

I made my man his favorite thing for breakfast this morning since it's a special occasion: Christmas! He loves this turkey sausage breakfast casserole and is always asking me to make it. It's super easy to do and it's always such a huge hit. There's even some leftover, so he can have it again tomorrow morning! 

All you need for this turkey sausage breakfast casserole is: 

  • 1 bag frozen hashbrowns
  • 12 eggs
  • Jimmy Deans precooked turkey sausage
  • shredded cheddar
  • 1 cup of milk
  • salt and pepper to taste

Use crockpot liner or spray the inside of your crockpot with Pam cooking spray.
Then, layer the hashbrowns, sausage, and cheese.  Whisk 12 eggs together with milk and add salt and pepper. Finally, pour over the layers in the crockpot. Cook overnight on low heat and serve in the morning for breakfast! 

December 23, 2012

A Full-Page Magnifier Lamp for My Grandfather

My grandfather loves to read. He reads almost anything that he can get his hands on. He has a great collection of books--both classic and modern, subscriptions to several magazines, and gets the newspaper delivered daily. Most of the books he gets are available in large print so that he can read them easily. However, this is not always the case and he has a very hard time reading small print. It strains his eyes and usually gives him a headache.

For Christmas, we got him a magnifying lamp to use for his daily reading. This is so much better than a regular magnifying glass because this lamp allows both hands to be free for reading. He is going to love this gift and I know that he will get daily use out of it.

I was very impressed with the prompt shipping of this product. I ordered it a couple of days after Thanksgiving and it didn't take long at all to arrive at my house. Now it's wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree, waiting to be opened!

December 21, 2012

I'm Giving Him the Gift of Relaxation--at a Spa in Huntington Beach

My guy is the busiest person I know. Even when he has a day off of work, he's running back and forth working on various projects and whatnot. It's like he just can't sit still and relax! It drives me absolutely crazy!
For Christmas, among the other gifts I gave him, I made sure to include a massage at a spa in Huntington Beach called CloudMover. This is a day spa and it's a fantastic place to go--I go there myself from time to time for various body treatments: waxing, facials, massage therapy and body wraps. There is such a huge menu of services that I had a difficult time deciding which one I would treat him with for Christmas this year.
I chose a Swedish/Relaxation massage for him, although they have Deep Tissue/Therapeutic, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages, Reflexology, Hot Stone, and many more! I thought I would start basic and when he falls in love with it like I know he will, he can try some of the more specialized massages. He's going to love his Christmas gift, and he's actually going to be FORCED to relax and take a deep breath for once!

December 19, 2012

Another Great Recipe: The Way to a Man's Heart is Through his Stomach

I found an amazing recipe a couple of weeks ago called "Warm Bean Dip". This name is very ordinary, but the taste of this amazing dip is extraordinary! This is a fantastic dip to make and bring to parties and goes great with some tortilla chips. 

All you need for this:

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 cup sour cream
2 cans (16 ounces, each) refried beans
1 packet taco seasoning
2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
2 cups monterey jack cheese, shredded

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together cream cheese and sour cream in a large bowl. Mix in refried beans until combined. Stir in taco seasoning.

Spray a 9x13 baking pan with cooking spray. Spread mixture evenly into the bottom of the baking dish. Sprinkle the top with both cheeses.

Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until cheese in melted and slightly browned. Serve with tortilla chips.

December 17, 2012

My Nephew is Going to Love this Christmas Gift: The Wobbler

I have just a few gifts yet to get for Christmas. Considering just how fast this holiday is approaching, I better get a move on! I'm taking the rest of today to do some online shopping (you couldn't pay me to walk through the busy malls and stores). I found this great toy/game that I am ordering for my nephew.

This is a fantastic product because it's unlike any toy on the market. This is called the Wobbler and it's a toy that encourages kids to stand up and get moving. This is fun for any child over 7 years of age and adults can try it, too! This helps children to improve their balance and coordination and is modeled after something that physical therapists use to help people with leg injuries and increase lower limb strength. The goal is to get the ball into the central cup and you do so by moving side to side and front to back.

December 15, 2012

He Would Love a JR Yates Tungsten Ring

My guy and I are tying the knot in just a few months. I can't believe all of the wedding planning we have packed in to the last few months! It's great to have so much accomplished, but I know that there is still a long way to go. The biggest and most important aspect is yet to be purchased: the wedding jewelry. He is very easy to shop for in the ring department and for that I am very lucky.

I picked out a JR Yates tungsten ring for him and I know he is going to love it! A bonus: it's on sale for almost $100 off of its original price! Tungsten is one of the most durable jewelry materials on the market today, which is perfect for the busy life he leads with work and hobbies. I can't wait to see the look on his face on our wedding day when I can slip this ring onto his finger and begin our lives together forever!

December 13, 2012

The Ultimate Craft Table

My nephew loves to do crafts. He could sit in his room all day with just a few supplies and make the most creative things. I often wonder who he gets it from, because nobody else in our family is as creative or loves to work on things like that. It's great to see him use his mind like that at such a young age. For Christmas this year, we are planning on buying him this amazing craft table. As you can see, it's so much more than a plain craft table! It's more like an art center.

This features a tabletop, two stools,  a paper roll holder, canvas storage areas, bins for supplies, and more. It's great! He's going to absolutely love it. We'll have to make sure to not let him open this until late in the day. If we let him open it in the morning with the rest of his gifts, we won't see him the rest of the day because he'll be busy using his new craft table!

December 11, 2012

A Great Selection of Trading Cards

I am one of the luckiest girls because my guy is super, super easy to shop for. A lot of my friends complain because they don't know what to get for their guys for the holidays, but I have so many ideas that I usually have to limit myself when shopping for him.

Thanks to the great prices and DCS Sports Cards, I don't have to limit myself when getting him trading cards. He has collected sports cards (football, baseball and hockey) for most of his life and has a huge collection. He has several binders full of these cards and has even sold some of his more valuable ones and made quite a bit of money on them!

DCS has a great selection on their site and I ordered a couple of different packs of cards today to arrive by Christmas. He's going to love these!

December 9, 2012

Don't Forget About Your Furry Friend This Christmas

I always like to do something nice for my pets around the holidays. Although they don't really realize that it's almost Christmas and obviously can't open gifts--it's always nice to include them (they're family, right?)
I was browsing around on the Brookstone website and found the perfect pet bed for my cat. He is very shy (hence the nickname "Spooky") and is always hiding somewhere. I think it's his way of feeling safe. He likes to burrow under covers and under beds. It seems like this pet bed was made just for him! It's cozy and cove-like. This is perfect for a pet to cuddle in. Bonus: it's on sale right now AND it comes in different colors. Check this out and don't forget to give your pets a little love this holiday season.

December 7, 2012

Refer Him to the Best Exhibit Manufacturers Around!

My guy loves his job. He looks forward to going into work everyday (crazy, isn't it?!). I found this amazing exhibit manufacturing company and have to share it with him. He's in charge of advertising for the company he works for and is always looking for fun and fresh ways to market the product.
Expo-3 is a company that specializes in the custom creation of manufactured exhibits. They are experts in creating the finest exhibits that are appealing the the eye and most importantly attention-grabbing. They will work closely with their clients to ensure that they're needs are met and that their budget is not breached. They have the ability to turn the company's dreams and goals into an amazing display. If you know somebody that is looking to get a great end result and boost their marketing, give Expo-3 a call. They are located in Orange County, California but can work with you no matter where you are--worldwide!

December 5, 2012

All-in One Breakfast Cooker

As you all know, I love it when my guy makes breakfast for us. I am not so good at it, so I am more than willing to have him make breakfast for us. The timing of everything always throws me off and I can't figure everything out to coordinate it all.

Since he makes us breakfast every Sunday morning (the only day we have off together), I always run to the store to get the newspaper (I like to clip coupons out of the ads to save a little money on groceries and household items). This is the ultimate breakfast cooker. It has a coffee maker, a toaster, and a grill: everything that we need to have an amazing and complete breakfast.

I am going to get this gift for him for the holidays. Plus, in a way it's a gift me, too!

December 3, 2012

Perfect For a Sports Fan

If you have that guy on your list that loves to play sports, this is the perfect gift for him. Whether it is a young boy, a teenage guy, or a full-grown man; this sports storage rack is fantastic for the sports fanatic. This is the perfect solution to hold helmets, shoes, balls, frisbees, bats, gloves and more. This creates and organized space, while keeping these items easily accesible and at-hand for use.

This would be perfect in a mud room, a basement, a bedroom, or the garage. If you have that guy on your Christmas list that needs that extra step in organization (or a mom that's tired of picking all these things up or tripping over them), then this is the perfect!

December 2, 2012

A Study Loft That Completes His Bedroom

Christmas shopping can be a pain sometimes. It's hard to find that perfect gift for some of those people that have everything. It can be frustrating! Pre-teens and teenagers can be very hard to shop for; they aren't at the age where they're playing with toys anymore and let's face it--a kid can only have so many videogames. 

I came across this amazing study loft for that teenage or pre-teen boy that needs an update in his room. If you have a child that needs a gift yet, this would be perfect! This awesome loft combines storage with a place to study and sleep. This can also be a gift for a guy that's graduating in the Spring and going off to college. This really makes use of small spaces. 

November 29, 2012

WoodWick Candles for a Guy That Likes a Cozy Home

My guy probably wouldn't probably want to admit this to many people, but he loves candles. He likes the way they make the house warm and cozy, and he also loves how they make the house smell. This year for the holidays, I decided to get him some candles as a stocking stuffer. He will appreciate the gesture and thought and I know they will get used.

I found a fantastic online deal on WoodWick Candles. I love doing my shopping online (who likes the crowds and long lines anyway?) and right now, all WoodWick Candles from the Lamp Stand are 15-25% off! It's great to be able to save money on amazing products. There are so many different scents available--you can get anything from fresh to floral and everything between! If you aren't done with your Christmas shopping yet, I would check out this great deal and load up on presents for those left on your list.

November 27, 2012

A Special Plate for Soup and a Sandwich

My guy is a child at heart. He loves to have fun playing games, could be out in the snow all day long if he had the opportunity and time, loves jokes, and could eat grilled cheese with tomato soup for every meal he has. This is a classic combo that I hadn't had since Elementary School until I met my man. Thanks to him, we have this meal at least once a week (I had to limit him so he could get some food from different food groups in!) I found this awesome gift at Uncommon Goods (an extremely fascinating website with very unique products--check it out!) and just had to get it. I am a sucker for making him happy and doing little things to surprise him, but he's the same way so we are a great match!)

This is a soup and sandwich plate has two spots designated on it--one for a sandwich and one for a bowl of soup. Some delicious combos include: French Onion Soup and a roast beef sandwich, chicken noodle soup with a warmed country turkey and cheese panini, vegetable beef soup with a delicious ham and cheese sandwich, or you could always try our favorite--grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup!

November 25, 2012

2012 Baseball Cards for My Brother

My brother has a lot of hobbies. I feel like he is always into something new. For awhile it was skateboarding, and then it was football. His hobbies usually come and go, but there is one hobby of his that has been around forever it seems! He loves collecting sports cards. He has been doing it for as long as I can remember and he truly loves his collection of cards.

Last year for Christmas, I got him a binder to put them all in. That was a great way for him to display the cards while keeping them protected. This year, I am going to add to his collection. I came across a website that has the latest and greatest 2012 baseball cards. This site has some amazing deals on several different brands of cards. He is going to be so excited to open his presents on Christmas and see what I got for him!

November 23, 2012

Tent Meets Hammock--So Cool!

One of our favorite activities in the summer is to go camping. We have had so many great adventures in all different parts of the country that involved camping. One of my favorite places we went camping was in the Grand Canyon. This was a breath-taking place and the pictures that you see don't do it justice. It is a beautiful place and if you haven't been there, you should check it out! 

I found this great product online and I think we are going to buy it! This is a tent and a hammock. It has the benefits of both and this is a product that truly takes camping to the next level. This looks amazing and there are some great places I know that this would work perfectly at. 

November 22, 2012

My guy loves to cook breakfast. I don't mind one bit, because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! It's a hard meal to cook when everything has different timing and modes of cooking. Toast is made in the toaster, eggs are made on the stovetop, muffins are made in the oven. It's sometimes hard to coordinate all of those different delicious items without messing up the cooking times! 

I am venturing out tonight to do a little Black Friday shopping (yes, I am that crazy) and am going to pick up this griddle to get for my man for Christmas. He's going to love cooking breakfast on this instead of using several different pans to complete the job. I can't wait to try our first meal on this great kitchen appliance!

November 19, 2012

Tie Protection at Its Finest

<img src= border=0><br> <img src= border=0><br> Tie Caddy is see-through protection for ties.

My guy has to wear a necktie to work everyday. I don't know how he can stand to do that! It would drive me crazy. I like to dress up on occasion when we have an event or something going on, but otherwise my favorite outfits consist of jeans and my favorite sweatshirt. Since his job requires it, however, he deals with it and says that he doesn't mind.

He has quite the collection of neckties in our closet. He has so many different colors, shapes and materials that he can go weeks without wearing the same one twice! I came across these great roll-up tie caddy that makes storage of neckties easy and convenient. This product will keep them wrinkle-free and is super convenient for traveling.

November 15, 2012

A Way to Save Time and Energy With Earbuds

My little brother listens to music constantly. I honestly don't know how he can hear things still because every time I see him I swear he has his earbuds in his ears, his iPod playing and the music turned up. I always tease him that he eats, sleeps, and breathes music but I'm glad that he found something that he loves so much.

For the holidays, I usually get my brother an iTunes giftcard because I know it is something that he knows and loves. He can get the newest music and put it directly on his iPod. After giving my brother this gift for the past three Christmases, he is bound to guess what he is going to get this year, but he's wrong!

I found this amazing accessory that can hold his earbuds so that when he takes them out to talk to somebody or answer a phone call, he doesn't have to set them down or wrap them around this iPod to keep them from getting tangled like he usually does--they just stay close in a convenient spot to be placed back in his ears when he's ready to start his music again. This accessory is called "Props" and it's great for the music-lover on your Christmas list!

November 13, 2012

Smiley Bowl That Can Be Used for...Anything!

I love looking around online at some of the amazing things that are available out there. I am truly amazed at some of the things that I have found! This is a Smiley Bowl, and it's super cute! It's also very useful and can be used for such a vast variety of purposes.

My guy has been into pistachios lately. He likes to grab a handful and snack on them while we watch the evening news before supper. It keeps him from snacking on the supper while we're making it and is a little habit that he started a few months back. This bowl would make it very easy to separate the shells from the pistachios that haven't been opened yet.

This could also be used to separate the items in your pocket at the end of the day: keys, pens, etc in one part and loose change in the other. What are some other great ways you could use this?

November 9, 2012

Easy Burger Maker for Camping

My guy and I love summertime. This is the time of the year that is filled with a ton of fun activities and events. Although Summer is a long time away, I am very excited to make plans for all the things we love to do during our favorite season. We were just talking last week about some of the things we wanted to do.

This coming Summer, we decided that we want to do a lot more camping. We only got to go out a few times last year (we didn't get a new tent until August) and we're hoping to go out a lot more this coming year.

I came across this amazing product after we got done talking and I can't wait to see his face when he opens it up for Christmas this year. This burger rack can be used on the grill to make sliders, or can be used over the campfire when camping out!

November 7, 2012

A Perfect Solution to Save Time

My guy and I like to split up the housework to make it fair. We are both super busy and like to save time when possible. It helps when we help each other out and split up some of the duties. When one of us dislikes a particular house chore, the other person will often do it. I personally can't stand taking the garbage out. This was always my job when I was a kid growing up and I think that's why I dislike it--I'm just sick of it! My guy doesn't like it all that much either, but he doesn't mind it as much as I do, so this is always his job.

I found this product that will save him time and make things easier on him! This product can sit on the bottom of the kitchen garbage can and is out of site. A roll of trash bags slides in and the top one can fit through the slot. When you take the garbage bag out, a new one is ready to be popped out and put into place. This is great and will make a fantastic gift for the guy in your life that is nice enough to take out the trash!

November 6, 2012

A Shower Curtain for Dog Bathing

Have you ever seen a cat get a bath? This is a lot like the experiences we have when we give our dog his once-monthly bath. We try to avoid bathing him at all costs, but when he sleeps in our beds and sits on our couches, we find it necessary to keep him as clean as possible.

It's always such a chore to wash the dog that I am willing to clean the entire house if he agrees to wash the dog. Getting him into the bathtub is very difficult and it takes a lot of coaxing and treats to get him even into the bathroom. Then once we get his 90 lb. body into the tub, he shakes all over the place to try to get the water off of him.

I'm glad I found this pet shower curtain which will make bath day way easier! This curtain has arm sleeves so that you stay dry while your dog gets the bath. This makes it easier on everybody!

November 3, 2012

An Onion Holder to Ease Cutting and Cooking

My guy loves to cook, and that makes me so happy! I do not complain one bit when he takes over the kitchen. He has made a ton of amazing new recipes lately and I love it. Last night, we had french onion soup. It was amazing--I wish we would've had leftovers so I could've had it for lunch again! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Watching him cut up the onions made me think that there has to be an easier way out there. Especially since onions don't smell the best, I always like to get them over with as quickly as possible. I was doing some specific searching this morning and found this amazing onion holder. This will make his job much easier! I can't wait to give it to him--maybe I'll get another meal out of the deal. ;)

October 31, 2012

A Useful Mug Warmer

There is nothing more my guy likes to do in the morning that start out his day with a nice cup of coffee. He's turned into a bit of an expert when it comes to trying out different flavors and brewing styles. We got a Keurig coffee maker a little while back and he absolutely loves the quick results he gets and all the different flavor options available.

He was complaining the other day because he got pulled from his desk at work to go do something (as he frequently does) and his coffee was cold when he returned. A lot of people prefer iced coffee, but not him! I went online and found this amazing mug warmer that would make the perfect addition to his desk at work. He would be able to place his coffee mug on the warmer, and it would still be warm upon return. What a great idea!

October 29, 2012

Digits Gloves Makes It Easy to Text and Not Freeze!

I live in MinneSNOWta. It gets REALLY cold here. Have you seen the movie Fargo? To all of you that have a misconception that we all freeze all the time and that it snows all summer long, that's a lie. BUT it does get pretty cold here and it's good to always be prepared!

The worst is when you are outside and it is super cold out and you get a text message or need to answer your phone and you have to take your gloves off to do so. It is such an inconvenience! There is something about most touch screen phones (I have an iPhone, so I know that is true for this phone), but a person's skin is the only thing that will register to the phone.

These Digits gloves are great because they have a special pad on the fingertips that work on touch screen phones. These would make a great gift for my man to use this winter.

October 26, 2012

A Very Handy Mini Vac for His Car

My guy got his car two and a half years ago and it still looks brand new! Her takes such good care of it and makes sure it is always in mint condition. He loves having nice things so he always does his best to make sure he's doing what it takes to keep his things perfect. When he decides to vaccum out his car, he rolls a massive Shop-Vac out into the driveway, hooks it up to an extension cord, and vacuums. It takes forever to set up and the Shop-Vac takes up so much room!

I found this Mini Vac from Brookstone. This looks great! He can keep it in the trunk of his car and use it whenever he wants to. It has an extra-long cord that makes it unnecessary to be close to an outlet. This is a sturdy hand vacuum that doesn't take up a lot of space. It's only about three pounds but has amazing power. There are great accessories that come with this Mini Vac that includes a crevice tool, a dust brush, and an upholstery nozzle. This won't just work in the car, but would be great for a camper or RV, an office, or any other small space that needs a little touch up.

October 23, 2012

An Electric Razor from Philips to Make His Mornings Better

I am always so jealous of how long my man takes to get ready in the morning. All he has to do is shower, shave, throw on a little deodorant, put some gel in his hair, get dressed and he's out the door! I have to shower, lotion my body, put make-up on, blow dry my hair, either curl it or straighten it, style it, get dressed, and FINALLY I am ready. Sometimes being a woman isn't so much fun!

The one thing my man hates about his morning routine is shaving. He said it gets expensive to constantly replace the razor heads on his manual razor and have to mess with shaving cream all the time. He goes through it so fast and says it gets very messy!

I found this product and instantly knew that it was a perfect gift. This is a Philips Norelco HS8420 Nivea Elecric Razor. This makes shaving an easy task everyday. It is a fantastic product for a great price.

October 21, 2012

Give Him the Gift of a Fantastic Massage in Huntington Beach

My man always seems so stressed. He really tries to not let it show, because he is not one to complain but I can tell that all of the hectic events and happenings in our lives are starting to take a toll. We are in the middle of planning a move and packing up house. He is also busier than ever at work with a change of season. He is managing all of that on top of being a great man to me!

To treat him and let him know that I appreciate everything he does, I want to give him the gift of a relaxing massage in Huntington Beach. This is the best day spa in Huntington Beach. It is top of the line and has the best location, best staff, and best products. I love everything about CloudMover! Every time I go to CloudMover, I feel like I just went on a fantastic mini vacation. I am entirely relaxed and at ease. It helps me when I feel like everything is on my plate at once.

Hopefully, he gets the same thing out of it that I do. I know he will be overjoyed with this great gift!

October 17, 2012

Another Great iPhone Accessory

I am finding so many amazing accessories for my guy's iPhone! There are so many fantastic products coming out at this time--Christmas is coming up around the corner so the market is getting flooded with fun, new products! 

He is always saying that he misses having an "old" phone like he had when he was growing up. For awhile, we had a cordless phone and now we don't have a land line at all! To go with his super funny "bread" phone cover, this is my next purchase. It's a handset that plugs right into his iPhone! This is great because it is fully functional and comes in so many different colors. 

He's going to love this gift and love all of the fun accessories that he is getting to go with his iPhone! 

October 15, 2012

A Funny Case for His iPhone

My guy loves bread! I tease him because he has a bread product with every meal. It's a good thing he isn't diabetic or he would be miserable having a restriction on the amount of bread he can have. He loves toast, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, doughnuts, and more. They are his go to food. It's pretty sad when we go to the grocery store and the people behind the bakery counter know him by name and have his "usual" order ready in a few minutes.

I came across this funny iPhone case and I laughed out loud because it is perfect for my guy. All of his friends would laugh and know why he had it too because they always tease him about the ridiculous amounts of bread that he eats. This would fit over an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S. He has the 4S, so I know it'll work perfectly. I'm going to order it and give it to him to tease him, although I know he won't take it as that and will put it on his phone keep it on there for a long time!

October 13, 2012

A Top of the Line Exhibit Company

My guy loves his job! He looks forward to working everyday. It's such a great thing to find a job that you love that I am so glad that he is happy with where he works. There are too many people in this world that dislike their jobs I could write a book. But I won't... I'll spare you!

He came across this fantastic exhibit company and is looking forward to working with them. As the holidays are approaching, his company is looking to get a display out and about since more people will be out in the public running errands and seeing it. This will be a great advertising technique and Expo-3 has a great gallery of client displays they have made in the past.

They will custom create an exhibit and work with the company and their budget. They've worked with a variety of businesses of all different types and budgets. Expo-3 is based out of California but will work with you wherever you are located. This is an awesome company!

October 11, 2012

Beer Can Track Lights for His Man Cave

Every guy needs a man cave--a place that he has all to himself to hang out in. He can have his friends over and have his own space. We have spent a lot of time making the man cave awesome. We checked out several designs before deciding on a final design and have made the place awesome! This really is a guy's room and I honestly try to stay out as much as possible--it's a woman's nightmare! There are videogames, a big screen TV, a bar stocked with beer and other drinks, a loud speaker system with music and a poker table. It's like a play ground for men!

For Christmas, I am going to be giving him these beer can track lights. They will look great above the bar and complete the look of the room. I came across them the other day when I was looking on etsy and instantly knew that he will love them and want them put up right away! I might even break down and give them to him early. :)

October 9, 2012

A Trouser Rack to Keep His Clothes Organized

My guy dresses up for his job. He wears dress pants, a collared shirt (either a polo or long-sleeved button up shirt), and dress shoes. He really likes his work attire and has quite the collection going! His closet is starting to show it. It's starting to get overwhelming to open the closet and have it look completely full. Even when it is clean, it looks messy because it is so full.

I found a fantastic solution. This trouser rack can be hung on the door of the closet or on a wall and easily hangs ten pairs of pants. Each wooden dowel can swing out from the wall or door for easy access, but otherwise sits flush against the wall or door when you are not using it. I love this because it keeps the pants organized and looking neat. I might have to get a second one, because the first one is almost full!

If you know a guy that needs a storage solution for his dress pants, check out this great product. Not only does it create some amazing storage space, but it keeps the dress pants wrinkle free.

October 5, 2012

A Ball Slide Like No Other

My guy loves his job. He likes to tell me about the things that he does and the interesting stuff he learns while he's there. He's starting to move up in the company, which means he is learning even more and becoming in charge of more things than he used to be. One of the tasks he has taken on is the job of ordering parts. This is a very important job because they have to constantly have the parts that they need on hand or their work could be delayed or slowed several days. They also need high quality parts to ensure the satisfaction of their customers while not costing too much so that company costs stay low. If you go shopping a lot like I do, it can be really hard to find products that meet these criteria! 

Since it's Friday, he wants to get a order of ball slides in before the weekend. His favorite website to order these from is Specialty Motions, INC. The products that they carry blow anything else out of the water. They are top of the line while having a low cost. He's never been so happy with a product before and I'm glad he discovered SMI! 

October 3, 2012

A Perfect Table for Storage

My guy can sometimes be a bit of a techy junkie. He is always getting new things for our living room to add to our television. I am perfectly happy with a normal TV and a simple DVD player to watch some of my favorite shows and movies on. He has a whole huge thing set up with speakers, surround sound, a computer keyboard, wires to attach an iPhone or iPod, and a Blu Ray player. There's more I'm sure but hearing him talk about the things he has set up is like trying to understand a conversation in French--it makes no sense to me!

I got this chair side storage table  for him to store all of the remotes in that control our TV system set up in the living room. This saves on so much clutter in the living room that it's my favorite item in our house right now! It sits very nicely next to the couch and looks extremely nice while providing function. 

October 1, 2012

A Massage In Huntington Beach Is The Best GIft

I know that a lot of people have trouble figuring out a gift to get their loved one, or anyone for that matter. Also, people forget that everyone loves massages! I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a massage. My boyfriend always asks me to give him a back massage, and I complain about it every time. Because he asks for one all of the time, when he opened his gift and saw this, he even giggled and knew that why I gave it to him. He was so excited about it as well because he has never had a professional massage before. If you are really thinking about getting someone a massage, I really suggest getting a massage in Huntington Beach. I have gone there before and they are absolutely amazing! I have gone to other places, and they are by far the best I have ever experienced. It is so relaxing and stress free. The best part is that they have so many other treatments that people only want to go to one place for.

September 29, 2012

The Avenger's Movie is a Huge Hit!

The Avengers is a movie that was released into theaters this past May. It was a huge hit movie this Spring and when we went to it in theaters, it was packed! It was a fantastic movie that we both loved. Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Tom Hiddleston all did a fantastic job acting in this movie. They truly made it great.

This action-packed movie made its way into stores this past week and I am picking it up for my man today. I have a couple of errands to run later, so I'm going to Wal-Mart because they have a deal where it is available in a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. We like those combo packs because we have a DVD player in our bedroom and a Blu Ray player in our living room. It makes it easy to have the opportunity to watch the movie in either room.

I'm going to set up a showing with popcorn and the whole works tonight! I can't wait!

September 26, 2012

Top of the Line Belt Driven Linear Actuators

My guy came home from work yesterday and just couldn't stop smiling! I thought he either had something up his sleeve or he had gotten a promotion or raise. Once we sat down to have supper together, I finally asked him what he was so darn excited about! What he answered was not what I expected to hear. 

He told me that they got some great new products at work. I've never seen him more happy! He's been pushing management to order some more line belt driven linear actuators and they finally gave in. They had some awhile ago from Specialty Motions, INC and he said he's never seen a better product. He said that these products are top of the line and that he can't wait for them to come in since they make his job SO much easier! 

September 23, 2012

A Hat Rack for Storage

My guys loves to wear hats. I very rarely see him without one on. He has quite the collection going! I counted one day when I was cleaning out the closet and I figured out that he has 62 hats! Doesn't that seem a little ridiculous? If I had that many purses or shoes I would sure be getting talked to about it. He loves his hats so I don't mind. I can make my peace with the hats. The only problem I have, however, is the fact that they are always laying around on the shelves of our walk in closet. They take up so much unnecessary space!

I came across this fantastic product to solve our problems. It's a hanging hat rack that hangs on the rod that goes across the top of the closet. It holds up to forty hats (looks like I'll be getting two of them!) This will make the closet look so much cleaner. There will be so much more room for all of the rest of our things. I can't wait to have that space cleared out! 

September 18, 2012

A Fold Out Ottoman With Another Purpose

Fold-Out Ottoman Bed <br>Hide a guest bed in plain sight! Ottoman by day...bed by night.

I love finding great products for a reasonable price. I especially love products for the home that serve dual purposes. That's why I feel like I really hit the jackpot with this fantastic product. It is an ottoman that serves another purpose: it unfolds into a single bed! This has the abilitiy to turn any room into a guest bedroom.

My man was looking for weeks for some new furniture to add to his "Man Cave". He and his buddies love spending time down there and I almost never see them! I don't mind one bit, I get a lot more things done around the house as well as more time with my gal pals. :)

This fold-out ottoman would transform easily into a bed if any of his guys friends ever needed to stay the night.

September 15, 2012

Drink Re-Warmer is a Great Product

The season is here for chilly weather, fall leaves, boots, leg warmers, leggings, and warm beverages. When the temperature drops low, there's no better way to warm up than with a nice cup of warm tea, hot apple cider, coffee, or hot chocolate. Nothing feels better than letting my insides heat up with a nice warm cup of my favorite beverage!

It's however, not so great when you are enjoying a nice warm beverage and realize that is has dropped temperature and is no longer tasty. I found this fantastic product that we use in our home and love. It is a coffee re-warmer. It can be used in a variety of beverages that need re-heating. Just stick in it your cooled down drink and it heats up instantly!

I'm getting one of these for my man for his desk at work. He is always drinking coffee and would get a lot of use out of this great product.

September 13, 2012

Twist Whisk Makes Baking Fun and Cleaning Easy

Most of you know that my man and I love preparing food together. Sometimes that involves grilling, sometimes cooking on the stovetop and sometimes we bake scrumptious treats in the oven. We are always looking for new recipes to try as well as some new and fun products that would go well in our kitchen and making food preparation easier and more fun. 

I came across this twist whisk online the other day and I just HAVE to order it. This is a silicone whisk for the kitchen that works great to mix ingredients together. We have a wire whisk and it is a pain in the neck to clean up! It is hard to clean in between the wires and it proves to be such a challenge. This twist whisk can be twisted into a flat position to make it easier to clean and store. 

I'll have to look up some delicious dessert recipes to try and make when it comes in the mail! I can't wait! 

September 11, 2012

Meat Tenderizer That Takes Grilling to a New Level

My guy and I love to grill. Well, usually it's more of an event where he grills and I sample the delicious food that he's cooking while sitting down and observing. Hey, somebody has to do it right? It might as well be me! :)

We have tried so many new recipes on the grill this summer. We tried a fun spin on kabobs and added a Hawaiian twist by adding some ham chunks and pineapple! We've also tried some new marinades and fun spices to season the meat with. I am sad to see Fall here because that means Winter comes next and that's the time of the year that the grill has to go back in the garage to keep it safe from the snow!

I found this perfect gift for my guy online while I was checking out some new recipes the other day. I figured I would order it so we could get a lot of use out of it. It is a circular meat tenderizer that has extra sharp blades to quickly tenderize even the biggest cuts of meat. I can't wait to take grilling to a whole new level with this fantastic product!

September 6, 2012

The Kindle Fire is Now in HD!

The Amazon Kindle is a tablet reader that is top of the line. It is the best tablet on the market right now and is the best tablet for its price. Since the original Kindle has come out, there have been many advances in technology and updates available. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G is top of the line and the best technology that Amazon has to offer right now! It has exclusive Dolby audio, dual stereo speakers, lightening speed Wi-Fi, 4G LTE Wireless, a beautiful HD screen, and a very reasonable $49.99 monthly 4G package available.

This is a great gift if you man likes to read books. If he currently has a tablet that he loves, you can give him this top of the line update and make his day! If he doesn't currently have a tablet, he will be so surprised and happy with this great gift.

This tablet has just been released today on Amazon, so get it fast! There are a lot of people waiting to get this, so act fast.

September 4, 2012

Top of the Line Linear Actuators

A linear actuator is something that creates motion from a circular force and converts the force into a linear motion. Think about a computer disc drive or a DVD slot in a DVD player. Circular motion from inside the machine is converted to linear motion so that the slot can open and close to insert a disc. That wouldn't be possible without a linear actuator!

Specialty Motions, INC has a great selection of linear actuators. They have many different sizes available with customizable stroke lengths that can be used for a variety of products and hardware. These actuators are very strong and durable. Some can hold up to 14,500 pounds! Depending on the project, you can get single or multi-axis devices. Many fields use linear actuators. Is yours one?