October 11, 2012

Beer Can Track Lights for His Man Cave

Every guy needs a man cave--a place that he has all to himself to hang out in. He can have his friends over and have his own space. We have spent a lot of time making the man cave awesome. We checked out several designs before deciding on a final design and have made the place awesome! This really is a guy's room and I honestly try to stay out as much as possible--it's a woman's nightmare! There are videogames, a big screen TV, a bar stocked with beer and other drinks, a loud speaker system with music and a poker table. It's like a play ground for men!

For Christmas, I am going to be giving him these beer can track lights. They will look great above the bar and complete the look of the room. I came across them the other day when I was looking on etsy and instantly knew that he will love them and want them put up right away! I might even break down and give them to him early. :)

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