October 3, 2012

A Perfect Table for Storage

My guy can sometimes be a bit of a techy junkie. He is always getting new things for our living room to add to our television. I am perfectly happy with a normal TV and a simple DVD player to watch some of my favorite shows and movies on. He has a whole huge thing set up with speakers, surround sound, a computer keyboard, wires to attach an iPhone or iPod, and a Blu Ray player. There's more I'm sure but hearing him talk about the things he has set up is like trying to understand a conversation in French--it makes no sense to me!

I got this chair side storage table  for him to store all of the remotes in that control our TV system set up in the living room. This saves on so much clutter in the living room that it's my favorite item in our house right now! It sits very nicely next to the couch and looks extremely nice while providing function. 

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