February 28, 2013

An Engraved Wallet Makes a Perfect Groomsmen Gift

It is traditional that at the Groom's Dinner, held the evening before the wedding, the bride-to-be and groom-to-be thank their bridal party by giving them gifts. I am all about tradition and I think this is very thoughtful of the couple. It acknowledges the bridal party for all of their dedication to the couple in celebrating their upcoming special day together.

I found this leather wallet with a money clip with the option to engrave on the clip portion of it. This is a fantastic gift idea for the groomsmen because it is personal and useful. The wallet is super nice and has a compartment for credit cards, a clip for cash, and an exterior pocket for receipts.

Hopefully this has eased a portion of the amount of wedding planning that has to be done! The guys will love it and it's very reasonably priced.

February 27, 2013

Facials Orange County

Facials just aren't for women, did you know that men's skin is more prone to blocked pores and blackheads. It is important that men take care of their skin. Men are often a symbol of rough and toughness, however they have sensitive skin too. Men too need to take care of their skin and get facials Orange County offers.

My husband works outdoors a lot for his business, in all climates. Weather is hard on your skin. Harsh weather conditions often contribute to the condition of your skin. Think about it, most mean shave daily, so they are fighting razor burn and ingrown facial hairs. Heading to the spa can be an unexpected treat. Men need to take care of their skin and will learn the appropriate regiment for their skin type with the help of the professionals at Cloud Mover Day Spa. Getting your man facials Orange County offers is a great gift for Birthday's, Fathers Day, Christmas or just because I love you gifts.


February 26, 2013

A Bag for His School Supplies

My guy has decided to go back to school for a couple semesters starting this Fall. He has been debating it for awhile and finally took the plunge last week by meeting with an advisor and checking out their class offerings to finish up his degree. I could not be more proud of him! I am so excited and want to show my support.

On Friday night, he's getting done with work around 6. When he gets home, I am going to have his favorite dinner for him ready and waiting on the table. I am also going to have this awesome leather bag waiting for him. I ordered it last week when he got signed up for classes and I've done a great job of keeping it a secret so far (and I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog...) I'm going to fill this with school supplies (pens, notebooks, a calculator, etc). There's plenty of room in here for his laptop or tablet, a textbook or two, and his supplies. He's going to love it!

February 22, 2013

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

I am always getting on my guy's case about working out. I try to run or walk at least once a day for an hour. I usually do this on our treadmill (unless it's perfect outside, then I take my work-out outdoors). I tell him how good exercise would be for his cholesterol, health, figure, energy, and sleep! The benefits for exercising, working out and eating healthy are amazing and so worth the sweat!

He always says that he's way too busy with things for work, e-mails, and more. I found a great argument back to these excuses and that is this TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. This sits over the treadmill, has a cup holder, has an adjustable height function, and is perfect for a phone, laptop and more! This way, he can walk in the mornings while catching up on his e-mails, returning phone calls, etc.

February 19, 2013

A Gift for Me That Benefits Him

I was getting so sick of my guy telling me that I take up too much of the walk-in closet that we share. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? A woman should have way more clothes and shoes than a guy, at least in my opinion...

After doing some looking around online, I found a solution that is really going to keep my shoes off of the floor in the closet. Right now, I have them all lined up neatly, but I do have to admit that it does take up a lot of room. I found this floor-to-ceiling shoe tree. I'm going to get two of them and I'm hoping that this is sufficient in organizing and keeping my shoes off of the ground.

So yes, this is technically something for me, but my guy is going to love it even more!

February 18, 2013

A Gift Set That Smells Great

My man and I have an anniversary coming up and I can't wait to celebrate! We are going to the restaurant where we had our first date. We are planning on ordering the same meals we had that evening and even sharing the same bottle of wine that we shared that evening. 

I found the perfect gift for him. I go to Herberger's for most of my make-up and fragrance needs. They have such a huge selection of name brand products at an affordable price. I went online to check it out more after I left the store and decided to get him this gift set from Dolce and Gabbana: The One. I really want him to know that he is "The One" for me! He can use this everyday. This set comes with a bottle of cologne, a deodorant stick, and a traveling bag dopp kit. 

I'm so excited for him to open his gift because I know he will love it! This is a delicious fragrance that is top of the line. 

February 17, 2013

Custom Jewelry Designer-Custom Pieces for Men

Men don't have to be left out when it comes to jewelry. Check out the Custom Jewelry Designer at Simone & Son. Create an original piece that is masculine and stylish. One of the latest creations at Simone & Son is the Love Mark Custom Fingerprint rings. What a great gift to give to your sweet heart on his birthday, anniversary  or even your wedding day.

The women can show their love to their spouse by having a custom jewelry piece created using fingerprints. Have your bride to be or wife's fingerprint put on a wedding band. If you are getting married soon you can get the his and hers set. I know that when it comes to gifts with my husband, I really need to put a lot of thought into in, so I love the idea of using the custom jewelry designer for his next gift. When buying men's jewelry don't forget to get a Reed & Barton Jewelry Box-Men's Accessory Chest from Macy's.

February 15, 2013

How I Met Your Mother: A Show For Both of You

When my guy and I find a show that we both like, it's like winning the lottery. We have some fairly different tastes when it comes to television shows and movies. It's a good thing there are three TVs in the house, or I have a feeling that we would get into a lot more arguments. Does this happen to anybody else?

There are a couple of shows that we have found that we both like. These include: Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends. They are all sitcoms and keep us laughing.

We like to buy the seasons so we can watch them whenever we want. Seinfeld and Friends don't ever make new episodes, so it's nice to have them to keep forever (at least until they quit making DVD players and then it'll be on to the next biggest thing).

I found season 7 of How I Met Your Mother online and I'm going to order it as a late Valentine's Day surprise!

February 12, 2013

A Pet Bed for Our Favorite Pooch

As you all know, we really like to spoil our dog. He goes on trips with us, gets frequent trips to the dog park, and has plenty of treats. He's getting a little bit chunky...whoops! We have gotten him some great pet dishes, pet toys, dog travel accessories, and now we found this great pet bed.

I love this corner pet bed because it's super plush and soft. It fits right into the corner of the room, so the dog is away from traffic throughout the house. He also likes to be snuggled in, so I know that he feels safe and sound tucked away from people walking by.

I can't wait to order another one for our bedroom, so that he can have a bed downstairs and upstairs. He's going to love this and I might even order it in a different color.

Where do you guys go to get great pet supplies?

February 11, 2013

V-Day Is Here, Gift Your Guy With Football Cards

As we all know, Valentines day is upon us, this Thursday to be exact. Every year I struggle finding my man the perfect gift. I sometimes think Valentines Day is kind of a 'girl holiday'  but I don't think it's fair if I don't get my boyfriend anything! I have made so many cutesy notes, cards, and gifts over the years for him so this year I wanted to get hims something he would really love, football cards.

Yes, my boyfriend is 24 years old and wants football cards, haha! He is such a sports fanatic and is collecting tons of sports items for his future home where he thinks he will have a 'man's room' and can display all of his sports memorabilia  Ever since the Superbowl last weekend he has been talking about football cards and I have been playing it off like I'm not paying attention so I can really knock his socks off on Valentines Day. What do you usually gift your man with on Valentines Day? We usually get a heart pizza from Papa Johns, watch a good movie and eat lots of candy!

February 10, 2013

Outdoor Speakers for an Outdoor Guy

My guy and I are perfect for each other because we both love all things outdoors. We love to camp, fish, hike, grill, have bon fires, ride bikes, and more. Some of my favorite nights involve sitting out on the patio, grilling, letting the dogs relax and run around the yard, and have a glass of wine or two. It's so relaxing and I love the feeling of being outside. He feels the same way!

I found this outdoor wireless speaker and instantly knew that I had to get his for him. This is a weather-resistant speaker (so it can be used indoors or outdoors) and it wirelessly connects to an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or MP3 players. It's lightweight and therefore portable, too! He's going to love this and I know we're going to get plenty of use out of it.

February 8, 2013

A Heated Ice Scraper is Perfect for Winter

My guy is such a sweetheart. When it snows or there is an ice storm, he goes out and cleans my car up to make it ready to drive. This way, I don't have to stand out in the cold and try to get it off myself. I appreciate this SO much, and he is such a gentleman for doing this! I love it and it makes me feel like a princess!

I found this heated ice scraper from the Sharper Image and I know he's going to love it. This will make scraping his windshield so much easier, as well as my own! This will reduce the amount of time that it takes to get the vehicle ready to drive. It clears away the most stubborn ice quickly and efficiently. 

This product plugs into the vehicle's cigarette lighter (the 12-volt outlet) and will heat up within minutes. The built-in squeegee also makes it super easy to get rid of the excess water from ice scraping. 

February 5, 2013

An R2-D2 Lunch Box for the Star Wars Fan

My guy LOVES Star Wars. Before we started dating, I hadn't seen any of the Star Wars movies, and he was shocked. During the course of our time together, he has introduced me to the movies, however, and I've now seen six of them! I was really excited to be part of something that is so special to him and it was sure fun to cuddle up on the couch and share a bucket of popcorn while we watched them!

I found this R2-D2 lunchbox and instantly thought of him. I usually pack his lunch every night before he has to go to work, and he takes it in the morning and eats around noon. I sometimes surprise him with a cute little note or his favorite food. Next time he opens the fridge to grab his lunch to take to work, instead of his plain, black boring lunch box, he will have this awesome R2-D2 lunch box! 

February 3, 2013

The Perfect Gift for the Baby Boy on the Way!

I should no longer be allowed on the Target website. I do SO much shopping there and sometimes end up getting way more than I intend to! It's so easy to shop online and saves a ton of time of driving to the store, walking to your destination and finding what you need, waiting in line, and driving home. It's not laziness, I promise...it's efficiency! 

I came across this Fisher-Price My Little SnugaMonkey Cradle 'n Swing when I was online looking for a lamp. I have a baby shower to attend for a baby boy soon and I know this is the perfect gift. It has two reclining positions, six swing speeds, a rotating mobile that plays music, and the material is very soft! 

February 1, 2013

FINALLY, a Product for Making Dog Baths SO Much Easier

Dog bath day is a dreaded day in our house. It only happens about once a month (sometimes more if they decide they need to run through the mud), but it's a pain. I used to try an attempt dog baths, but the dogs are way too big now (Bosco is about 85 pounds and Keeda is pushing 100 pounds!). They can't stand baths, and when they get a little bit of water poured around their faces, they shake off and flood the bathroom.

However, I refuse to pay a groomer all of that money to give the dogs a bath, since I can think of so many more things I would rather buy than spending that money. Also, it's not nice enough year-round to give them baths outside with the hose. 

I found this clear pet shower curtain with sleeves. This would make giving the dogs a bath so much easier! They can shake all they want without getting water EVERYWHERE.