February 12, 2013

A Pet Bed for Our Favorite Pooch

As you all know, we really like to spoil our dog. He goes on trips with us, gets frequent trips to the dog park, and has plenty of treats. He's getting a little bit chunky...whoops! We have gotten him some great pet dishes, pet toys, dog travel accessories, and now we found this great pet bed.

I love this corner pet bed because it's super plush and soft. It fits right into the corner of the room, so the dog is away from traffic throughout the house. He also likes to be snuggled in, so I know that he feels safe and sound tucked away from people walking by.

I can't wait to order another one for our bedroom, so that he can have a bed downstairs and upstairs. He's going to love this and I might even order it in a different color.

Where do you guys go to get great pet supplies?

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