February 15, 2013

How I Met Your Mother: A Show For Both of You

When my guy and I find a show that we both like, it's like winning the lottery. We have some fairly different tastes when it comes to television shows and movies. It's a good thing there are three TVs in the house, or I have a feeling that we would get into a lot more arguments. Does this happen to anybody else?

There are a couple of shows that we have found that we both like. These include: Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends. They are all sitcoms and keep us laughing.

We like to buy the seasons so we can watch them whenever we want. Seinfeld and Friends don't ever make new episodes, so it's nice to have them to keep forever (at least until they quit making DVD players and then it'll be on to the next biggest thing).

I found season 7 of How I Met Your Mother online and I'm going to order it as a late Valentine's Day surprise!

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