February 1, 2013

FINALLY, a Product for Making Dog Baths SO Much Easier

Dog bath day is a dreaded day in our house. It only happens about once a month (sometimes more if they decide they need to run through the mud), but it's a pain. I used to try an attempt dog baths, but the dogs are way too big now (Bosco is about 85 pounds and Keeda is pushing 100 pounds!). They can't stand baths, and when they get a little bit of water poured around their faces, they shake off and flood the bathroom.

However, I refuse to pay a groomer all of that money to give the dogs a bath, since I can think of so many more things I would rather buy than spending that money. Also, it's not nice enough year-round to give them baths outside with the hose. 

I found this clear pet shower curtain with sleeves. This would make giving the dogs a bath so much easier! They can shake all they want without getting water EVERYWHERE.

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