January 29, 2013

My Son is Going to Love These Bathroom Printables!

I have a three year old, and as you know if you've ever had a toddler, he can be a tad bit stubborn at times. I think he gets it from his dad, but his dad will say this trait comes from me. It's always a bit of a fun joke between us, but either way, he sure likes to do things his way! That makes it difficult at times to get something done, such a brushing his teeth before bed or washing his hands after using the bathroom. 

I found these super cute printables for the bathroom. They are super cheap and they go to a great cause. Frame these and hang them up and they make a great reminder for the little ones, that everybody has to brush, wash, flush, and floss! I love the message and the design makes for super cute home decor. 

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