January 21, 2013

A Microwave Popcorn Popcorn

My guy LOVES popcorn. We have movie nights ALL of the time (especially during winter, when it's too cold to do things like camping and grilling). We try to rent or buy a new release movie at least once a week (on Tuesdays, when they come out!). Having popcorn during a movie is almost a requirement. We've experimented with some different flavors and toppings/seasonings (Parmesan cheese tastes GREAT on popcorn, by the way).

I found this item and I know it's going to take our popcorn making to whole new levels. This is a microwave popcorn popper and it's so much cheaper AND healthier than regular microwave popcorn. Plus, it's SUPER easy to add your own butter and fun toppings! This doesn't use oil or any messy bags. Just put the seeds into the microwave popper and cook for 2-3 minutes! Don't forget to put the vented lid on, or you'll have a MESS!

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