January 11, 2013

A Real Flame Ventless Gel Fireplace is a Perfect Office Addition

I stopped in to my guy's office the other day because I was in the neighborhood and wanted to surprise him with a coffee. I haven't been to his office since he started his job a couple of months ago. I meant to go a long time ago--when he first started--but I got so busy with the holidays and everything that I just never made it in!

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in what I saw when I went there. His office was so boring and drab that it felt cold and uncomfortable. It didn't feel like a place that I could spend 40 hours a week at.

I took it upon myself to spruce up and decorate his office--it's practically an emergent situation! I found this great real flame ventless gel fireplace so that he can enjoy the crackle and flame of a real fireplace yet this is artificial. This is very contemporary looking yet would add an extremely cozy feeling to the office.

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