January 15, 2013

Bath and Body Works Men's Line

My guy loves to smell great. He doesn't take it overboard, but he really appreciates a great smelling deodorant, cologne, and body wash. I appreciate it as well! Nothing smells better than a man that's fresh out of the shower. YUM!

I was at Bath and Body Works in the mall yesterday loading up on hand soaps for our kitchen and bathrooms when I saw their line of men's products. I had no idea that Bath and Body Works carried a men's line! This surprised and intrigued me.

I went directly over there an instantly put my nose to work. These products smell DELICIOUS! I loaded up on 2-in-1 hair and body wash, cologne, body lotion and body spray. I got a variety of scents so that he can rotate through them and wear them on different days. He loved them, too!

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