January 25, 2013

A Multi-purpose Stapler

My brother is a school teacher and he loves what he does. He looks forward to going to work every morning and has a great group of students this year. When I visit the school to stop by and say hi to him on his prep hour, I get overwhelmed by the stuff on his desk. He has lesson plans, student homework, handouts, notes, textbooks and more. I don't know how he keeps it all straight! I wouldn't be able to.

I found this amazing product on Pinterest. This multi-purpose stapler is exactly what he needs! His birthday is coming up in March, so I am lucky to have found this product that he's going to love and get use out of! This stapler not only works by attaches pages together with a staple, but also stamps a date on the pages as well. This helps organize the documents. It should help organize his desk and keep things in order!

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