January 17, 2013

He Would Like A WoodWick Candle

You may not believe it, but guys really do like candles for their own rooms. Candles are actually a great gift for a guy. He knows that his room probably doesn't smell the greatest. If you are going to get him a candle though.. you need to get something good like a WoodWick candle, something that will actually make the whole room smell good. WoodWick candles are actually my favorite because I feel like with other candles sometimes all you smell is the wick burning and not the actual scent of the candle, but with these all you smell is the amazing scent of the candle. I have a pretty big room, and I know when I have it burning I can smell it outside of my room. I do; however, think my favorite part of the candle is that it makes a crackling noise, so it sounds like a real wood burning fire.

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