February 22, 2013

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

I am always getting on my guy's case about working out. I try to run or walk at least once a day for an hour. I usually do this on our treadmill (unless it's perfect outside, then I take my work-out outdoors). I tell him how good exercise would be for his cholesterol, health, figure, energy, and sleep! The benefits for exercising, working out and eating healthy are amazing and so worth the sweat!

He always says that he's way too busy with things for work, e-mails, and more. I found a great argument back to these excuses and that is this TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. This sits over the treadmill, has a cup holder, has an adjustable height function, and is perfect for a phone, laptop and more! This way, he can walk in the mornings while catching up on his e-mails, returning phone calls, etc.

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