February 11, 2013

V-Day Is Here, Gift Your Guy With Football Cards

As we all know, Valentines day is upon us, this Thursday to be exact. Every year I struggle finding my man the perfect gift. I sometimes think Valentines Day is kind of a 'girl holiday'  but I don't think it's fair if I don't get my boyfriend anything! I have made so many cutesy notes, cards, and gifts over the years for him so this year I wanted to get hims something he would really love, football cards.

Yes, my boyfriend is 24 years old and wants football cards, haha! He is such a sports fanatic and is collecting tons of sports items for his future home where he thinks he will have a 'man's room' and can display all of his sports memorabilia  Ever since the Superbowl last weekend he has been talking about football cards and I have been playing it off like I'm not paying attention so I can really knock his socks off on Valentines Day. What do you usually gift your man with on Valentines Day? We usually get a heart pizza from Papa Johns, watch a good movie and eat lots of candy!

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