October 23, 2012

An Electric Razor from Philips to Make His Mornings Better

I am always so jealous of how long my man takes to get ready in the morning. All he has to do is shower, shave, throw on a little deodorant, put some gel in his hair, get dressed and he's out the door! I have to shower, lotion my body, put make-up on, blow dry my hair, either curl it or straighten it, style it, get dressed, and FINALLY I am ready. Sometimes being a woman isn't so much fun!

The one thing my man hates about his morning routine is shaving. He said it gets expensive to constantly replace the razor heads on his manual razor and have to mess with shaving cream all the time. He goes through it so fast and says it gets very messy!

I found this product and instantly knew that it was a perfect gift. This is a Philips Norelco HS8420 Nivea Elecric Razor. This makes shaving an easy task everyday. It is a fantastic product for a great price.

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