October 5, 2012

A Ball Slide Like No Other

My guy loves his job. He likes to tell me about the things that he does and the interesting stuff he learns while he's there. He's starting to move up in the company, which means he is learning even more and becoming in charge of more things than he used to be. One of the tasks he has taken on is the job of ordering parts. This is a very important job because they have to constantly have the parts that they need on hand or their work could be delayed or slowed several days. They also need high quality parts to ensure the satisfaction of their customers while not costing too much so that company costs stay low. If you go shopping a lot like I do, it can be really hard to find products that meet these criteria! 

Since it's Friday, he wants to get a order of ball slides in before the weekend. His favorite website to order these from is Specialty Motions, INC. The products that they carry blow anything else out of the water. They are top of the line while having a low cost. He's never been so happy with a product before and I'm glad he discovered SMI! 

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