October 9, 2012

A Trouser Rack to Keep His Clothes Organized

My guy dresses up for his job. He wears dress pants, a collared shirt (either a polo or long-sleeved button up shirt), and dress shoes. He really likes his work attire and has quite the collection going! His closet is starting to show it. It's starting to get overwhelming to open the closet and have it look completely full. Even when it is clean, it looks messy because it is so full.

I found a fantastic solution. This trouser rack can be hung on the door of the closet or on a wall and easily hangs ten pairs of pants. Each wooden dowel can swing out from the wall or door for easy access, but otherwise sits flush against the wall or door when you are not using it. I love this because it keeps the pants organized and looking neat. I might have to get a second one, because the first one is almost full!

If you know a guy that needs a storage solution for his dress pants, check out this great product. Not only does it create some amazing storage space, but it keeps the dress pants wrinkle free.

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