November 6, 2012

A Shower Curtain for Dog Bathing

Have you ever seen a cat get a bath? This is a lot like the experiences we have when we give our dog his once-monthly bath. We try to avoid bathing him at all costs, but when he sleeps in our beds and sits on our couches, we find it necessary to keep him as clean as possible.

It's always such a chore to wash the dog that I am willing to clean the entire house if he agrees to wash the dog. Getting him into the bathtub is very difficult and it takes a lot of coaxing and treats to get him even into the bathroom. Then once we get his 90 lb. body into the tub, he shakes all over the place to try to get the water off of him.

I'm glad I found this pet shower curtain which will make bath day way easier! This curtain has arm sleeves so that you stay dry while your dog gets the bath. This makes it easier on everybody!

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