November 15, 2012

A Way to Save Time and Energy With Earbuds

My little brother listens to music constantly. I honestly don't know how he can hear things still because every time I see him I swear he has his earbuds in his ears, his iPod playing and the music turned up. I always tease him that he eats, sleeps, and breathes music but I'm glad that he found something that he loves so much.

For the holidays, I usually get my brother an iTunes giftcard because I know it is something that he knows and loves. He can get the newest music and put it directly on his iPod. After giving my brother this gift for the past three Christmases, he is bound to guess what he is going to get this year, but he's wrong!

I found this amazing accessory that can hold his earbuds so that when he takes them out to talk to somebody or answer a phone call, he doesn't have to set them down or wrap them around this iPod to keep them from getting tangled like he usually does--they just stay close in a convenient spot to be placed back in his ears when he's ready to start his music again. This accessory is called "Props" and it's great for the music-lover on your Christmas list!

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