November 27, 2012

A Special Plate for Soup and a Sandwich

My guy is a child at heart. He loves to have fun playing games, could be out in the snow all day long if he had the opportunity and time, loves jokes, and could eat grilled cheese with tomato soup for every meal he has. This is a classic combo that I hadn't had since Elementary School until I met my man. Thanks to him, we have this meal at least once a week (I had to limit him so he could get some food from different food groups in!) I found this awesome gift at Uncommon Goods (an extremely fascinating website with very unique products--check it out!) and just had to get it. I am a sucker for making him happy and doing little things to surprise him, but he's the same way so we are a great match!)

This is a soup and sandwich plate has two spots designated on it--one for a sandwich and one for a bowl of soup. Some delicious combos include: French Onion Soup and a roast beef sandwich, chicken noodle soup with a warmed country turkey and cheese panini, vegetable beef soup with a delicious ham and cheese sandwich, or you could always try our favorite--grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup!

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