September 11, 2012

Meat Tenderizer That Takes Grilling to a New Level

My guy and I love to grill. Well, usually it's more of an event where he grills and I sample the delicious food that he's cooking while sitting down and observing. Hey, somebody has to do it right? It might as well be me! :)

We have tried so many new recipes on the grill this summer. We tried a fun spin on kabobs and added a Hawaiian twist by adding some ham chunks and pineapple! We've also tried some new marinades and fun spices to season the meat with. I am sad to see Fall here because that means Winter comes next and that's the time of the year that the grill has to go back in the garage to keep it safe from the snow!

I found this perfect gift for my guy online while I was checking out some new recipes the other day. I figured I would order it so we could get a lot of use out of it. It is a circular meat tenderizer that has extra sharp blades to quickly tenderize even the biggest cuts of meat. I can't wait to take grilling to a whole new level with this fantastic product!

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