December 21, 2012

I'm Giving Him the Gift of Relaxation--at a Spa in Huntington Beach

My guy is the busiest person I know. Even when he has a day off of work, he's running back and forth working on various projects and whatnot. It's like he just can't sit still and relax! It drives me absolutely crazy!
For Christmas, among the other gifts I gave him, I made sure to include a massage at a spa in Huntington Beach called CloudMover. This is a day spa and it's a fantastic place to go--I go there myself from time to time for various body treatments: waxing, facials, massage therapy and body wraps. There is such a huge menu of services that I had a difficult time deciding which one I would treat him with for Christmas this year.
I chose a Swedish/Relaxation massage for him, although they have Deep Tissue/Therapeutic, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages, Reflexology, Hot Stone, and many more! I thought I would start basic and when he falls in love with it like I know he will, he can try some of the more specialized massages. He's going to love his Christmas gift, and he's actually going to be FORCED to relax and take a deep breath for once!

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