December 17, 2012

My Nephew is Going to Love this Christmas Gift: The Wobbler

I have just a few gifts yet to get for Christmas. Considering just how fast this holiday is approaching, I better get a move on! I'm taking the rest of today to do some online shopping (you couldn't pay me to walk through the busy malls and stores). I found this great toy/game that I am ordering for my nephew.

This is a fantastic product because it's unlike any toy on the market. This is called the Wobbler and it's a toy that encourages kids to stand up and get moving. This is fun for any child over 7 years of age and adults can try it, too! This helps children to improve their balance and coordination and is modeled after something that physical therapists use to help people with leg injuries and increase lower limb strength. The goal is to get the ball into the central cup and you do so by moving side to side and front to back.

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