May 9, 2012

Windshield/Dashboard Mount for iPhone

     I love getting my guy things that he can use! He travels a lot for work so he's always using his iPhone as a GPS and using it to help him find his way when he's on the road. (By the way, I just hopped on the iPhone bandwagon a few weeks ago, and I'm obsessed with my iPhone 4S, by far the best phone I've owned thus far--Siri is awesome!) 

    Anyway, I wanted to pick him up something to make this much easier for him. I found this windshield/dashboard mount from Akron that is great for holding up any iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to display. It looks like a great product that will make his job much easier, and not to mention a lot safer! He can find the place he needs to go using the "Maps" application on the iPhone, then simply place it in the mount holder and let the phone guide him to his destination! 

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