May 4, 2012

Batman Combo Gift

I like to give gifts that go together and compliment one another. I put a lot of effort into giving people presents (as you can tell, since I dedicate an entire blog to it!) I like to spend a long time deciding the perfect gift to give that will plaster an instant smile to their face. I came up with this fun idea for anybody to give to a man in their life that loves Batman.

Batman is a classic comic book superhero that is loved by many. There is a second movie coming out this summer as a sequel to "The Dark Knight." It's called "The Dark Knight Rises." This is supposed to be a box office hit and your man will LOVE being treated to a date night with you if you took him to this movie in theaters. A great addition to this movie date idea would be these Batman cufflinks. Every time he looks down at them, he can think of the great movie date you had together! These are fun and he will definitely be the envy of his friends.

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