May 16, 2012

Get Him a Movie and Turn It Into a Date Night

The Grey was released just yesterday and is a great movie to watch with your guy. This is a thrilling movie that is action packed. Liam Neeson stars in it. It's about seven men who are oil workers. Their plane crashes in Africa and they are led to survival by a skilled huntsmen as a pack of wolves is trying to hunt them down. I won't give too much away, but picking up this DVD would make a great gift for a guy!

In fact, you can turn it into a date night. You can pick up the movie (available at Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart) and make a delicious dinner that the two of you can share. Try out a new recipe for something new! This is a great dinner and a movie date that can be at home, so even better yet you can wear your comfy clothes and pajamas! Once dinner is done, pop the movie in, make a bag of popcorn and enjoy your date night! He will love the movie, and you can always hang onto his arm when the action gets intense :)

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