May 1, 2012

A Great Read for a Guy

I was walking through the mall today since it rained all day. I like to try and stay busy even on rainy days when there's nothing more I feel like doing than laying in my bed and reading a good book. I'm a huge fan of books, and all kinds at that. I will read almost anything. Now that doesn't mean that I like everything, but I believe in giving every book a chance. Some of the books that I never thought I would like become my favorites!

Alex is always saying that he would like to get into reading. He sees how much I enjoy it and is interested in seeing what great books are out there. I picked him up this book today at Barnes and Noble. It's called Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. It was on a display for books that are among the best of the month. I read the description and know he will love reading it. It's about a 19-year old who is scheduled to attend a tribute at a Dallas Cowboy's halftime with other surviving members of the Bravo Squad. He doesn't feel like a hero and thinks about his family and fallen comrades. It's a story about a man reflecting on his time and experiences in the Iraq war. If you have a Nook, this book is also available to purchase for your eReader.

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