May 12, 2012

Portable Outdoor Baby High Chair

As you know, this blog is dedicated to giving gifts to "him". This usually implies that the gift is for a male significant other (most of my posts are) with some great gifts thrown in there for dad's, brother's, uncles, and grandfathers. Today I'm changing it up a bit. I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow for my nephew. He is turning one. I figured he would be receiving many gifts that are toys and clothes, and nothing is wrong with that. That is all stuff that he can use. Being the unique person I am, I bought him a gift that he can use outdoors. His parents love to camp and that is why I fell in love with this gift.

It is a portable outdoor baby highchair. This is perfect for outdoorsy families. It can be used on camping trips, in the backyard, on the patio or porch while grilling, at picnics in the park, and more! It's easy to carry and comes with a canvas carrier with a strap. 

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