March 14, 2013

My Step-Dad Will Love This Car Organizer

My step-dad travels for his job. He works in sales and is almost always in his car. He has a home office that he works in once a week, but the remaining four work days are spent traveling. I rode with him one day and almost went crazy! His car was a mess and I was tempted to go sit in the backseat because he was always asking me to hold letters, his phone, a map, etc. I don't know how he is productive with all that chaos in the vehicle.

I found this hanging car organizer and I know he's going to love it. This hangs on the car head rest and he will be able to put his planner, folders, phone, pens and pencils, map and more in this convenient, reachable spot. He'll always know where everything is. It's great!

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