March 12, 2013

Top of the Line Service for Rotors

My guy loves talking to me about his job. I have learned so much from him that I am always asking questions and expanding my knowledge about a ton of things that I had no clue about before. He loves all things do with with service, engineering, and mechanics.

Today, when I had my car into the shop, they said that I needed to update my brake rotors. Since I had no idea what these were, I asked my man to tell me about them. He said rotors in my vehicle are a key part is making the car stop when I push my brake pedal in my car. The brake pads in the vehicle clamp down on the rotors to stop the tires from spinning. Makes sense? It took a few explanations for it to all come together for me!

Where he works, they have to sometimes get help for their rotor work since their rotors are much more complicated than the ones in my vehicle. I did some searching and asking around and was able to recommend Windings to him for his company to use. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's doing my online research. This is a top of the line service company for rotors and I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

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