March 8, 2013

Pet Bunk Beds That Your Furry Friends Will Love

I love my dogs. They are such sweethearts! They really are a part of the family and I don't know what we would do without them. The dogs are attached at the hip and are always together. Wherever Bosco goes, Keeda follows and vice versa. They are extremely spoiled, too. I am always making them homemade treats, buying dog toys to provide hours of entertainment, and taking them for long walks.

I was looking around on the Brookstone website, because I am always finding amazing and unique products on there. I found this pet bunk bed and already ordered it for our dogs. They have a pet bed already, but this would be great in the living room because it saves on space. Before I purchase a pet bed, I always make sure that the cushions have a cover that is removable and machine washable--if you have dogs, you know that they have a tendency to shed and sometimes be a little messy, so always make sure that you have a way to wash their beds!

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