March 18, 2013

A Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard That He Can Bring Everywhere

My guy is always on the go. He has meetings to attend, business lunches to go to, and of course, my least favorite, is traveling on business trips. I miss him so much while he's gone, but I know that in the marketing world, there isn't a ton of jobs that don't require travel.

Brookstone is one of my favorite sites because they have a ton of products that are useful and innovative. This is a laser projection virtual keyboard. The projector can be placed anywhere and it projects onto any flat surface. The keyboard connects to a device with Bluetooth technology, so it can be used with smart phones, tablets, and more.

He can bring this to meetings, on the airplane, use it at his desk, at lunches with colleagues, and at home. This would make a fantastic Father's Day gift, birthday present, and more.

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