March 4, 2013

A Chair Massaging Cushion to Relax With

Father's Day is just around the corner, which means hopefully summer is on its way as well. I've been thinking about what to get my dad this year. He's kind of difficult to shop for because he really doesn't NEED anything. It's not that he's picky, he just isn't a very materialistic person.

He's always asking my mom to rub his back after a long day of work and sometimes has to apply ice to it in the evenings. This Homedics Swedish Massaging Cushion is perfect for him! It sets on a chair or couch and gives a wonderful Swedish Massage. This is a great way to reduce muscle pain and increase relaxation. This even has a heating mechanism to deliver an even heat to the muscles in the back. He's going to love this and I know my mom is sure going to be thankful!

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