March 6, 2013

Basketball Trading Cards for Guys of All Ages

There are so many guys in the family that love everything basketball. The NBA games are always on the TV, no matter who is playing. They have favorites from almost all of the teams and even started doing a fantasy NBA league this past winter. This is not just something that the older guys in the family do, or just the younger, but is something that most of the guys in the family are interested in: young and old. It's so nice that they all share a hobby like this! It really builds bonding and enables them to spend quality time together.

A couple of years back, most of them started collecting basketball trading cards as well. It's sure easy to get them gifts when it comes to the holiday season. When they get a card they already have, they trade it. I think it kind of makes them feel like they are actually trading players to teams in the NBA! They can read about their favorite players, and keep the really good players in a special place--you never know what those will be worth someday!

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