March 10, 2013

French Fry Maker/Potato Slicer

My man and I love to make food together. As most of you know this already, we are always trying new recipes and new foods to grill. We wanted to try to make our own french fries since we LOVE them. Some of our friends tried it and love how they turned out. They claim that they are better than what you can find in restaurants and WAY better than what you can make from frozen french fries in the oven.

This potato slicer is easy to use. Just place the potato and push down the lever. You will have evenly sliced french fries ready to be made! We have a deep fryer to make these in. It's a little bit unhealthier than baking in the oven but it tastes great! Have the seasonings ready to evenly coat the fries with when they're fresh out of the oven/deep fryer. 

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