April 7, 2013

Retirement Gift

My uncle is finishing up his last few weeks at his job. He is retiring! How exciting. I bet it feels so good to have put in several years working for a company. What a sense of accomplishment he must have!
Now he will have time now do relax, enjoy, and do the things he loves best. He and my aunt with be traveling and trying new pastimes.
One of the new things they want to try is cooking and wine tasting. Since they have time to travel now, they want to learn more about the wines and visit some great vineyards around the country.
I found the perfect gift for him. It's a Wine Lover's Suitcase Trio. In it, are three bottles of fine wine along with the best gourmet snacks and food to accompany and compliment the wines. It's perfect that it comes with a suitcase--he will be able to use it for their travels.  

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