April 16, 2013

Blackout Curtains for the Man Cave

You probably all know by now how much time and effort was put into the man cave we created in our basement. It took many long hours but I am so glad we finally have a place that he can hang out with the guys and watch all of his favorite sports on TV as well as a hangout for games like poker, pool, and darts.

Last week, he installed a surround sound system in the Man Cave to really intensify the effect of the TV. It sounds like a movie theater down there now! I thought it would only be fitting to replace the curtains that were down there with this blackout curtains. Not only do they block 99% of outside light from getting in, but they also block 40% of unwanted noise and save up to 25% on heating and cooling costs. These will help make the Man Cave super dark for the ultimate movie and television viewing experience.

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