April 5, 2013

A Garden Caddy My Dad is Going to Love

My father has loved gardening for as long as I can remember. He's always spent the majority of his days in the Spring planning out and planting his garden. He always draws maps and diagrams of the best way to get the most usage out of the space. My dad would spend his Summer tending the garden: weeding, watering, and taking care of the growing vegetables and fruits. Throughout the Summer, he would pick different vegetables when they were ripe and we would have fresh vegetables for supper almost every night with our meal.

He still enjoys gardening, and has is garden all planned out for the year. This garden caddy would make a fantastic addition to his hobby and I know he's going to love it for Father's Day this year. This will reduce the amount of bending down that he has to do and will be so much more comfortable!

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