April 17, 2013

Orange County Jewelers That Carry a Great Selection of Men's Wedding Bands

Sometimes it's hard to find a jewelry company that carries a good selection of men's wedding bands. Most jewelry companies carry a huge selection of women's wedding rings and engagement rings (not that I'm complaining...because I AM a woman and I love jewelry), but it's nice to see somebody pay attention to the wonderful guys out there, too!

I found these great Orange County jewelers that carries a fantastic men's line. They have every style under the sun including two-toned, classic, alternative and traditional. Simone and Son even specializes in the design and creation of custom designed rings if you can't find exactly what you are looking for. And if you're looking for a ring for a woman, check out their women's line...it's great!

If you or somebody you know is planning a wedding and looking for some rings, check it out!

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