July 29, 2012

This Cars Tent Bed is Perfect for a Toddler!

My nephew is my world. I don't have any children and I absolutely love when I can spend time with him. He is at such an adorable age, I love all of the things he does! He is 22 months old which means in just TWO short months he will be two years old! I love being able to watch him grow and see all of the things he learns even on a daily basis. 

His parents are having a birthday party for him. The theme for the party is "Cars". He loves the Disney Pixar Movie, "Cars" and watches it daily before his nap time. I found the perfect gift for him! This is a Cars Tent Toddler Bed. He is getting to the age to be too big for his crib and is ready for a "big boy" bed. He is also growing out of his nursery theme in his room, so they are redecorating it to a "Cars" theme. He is going to love the cool features of this bed and I have a feeling it will be a smooth transition from sleeping in a crib because this bed is so fun! 

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