July 31, 2012

A Men's Titanium Ring He Will LOVE

I am so excited! The wedding is just a few months away. Just when I thought that my wedding planning was complete, I realized the other day that I completely dropped the ball on the wedding day jewelry. As a gift to each other on the day of the wedding, we are going to be exchanging wedding bands. This is a tradition, but we are being untraditional and having the wedding rings be a surprise!

I found this men's titanium ring and know that he will love it. The band is titanium and there is a tension set of two black diamonds. It looks so modern and classy, it will fit his style and personality perfectly! I did a lot of research on jewelry materials because there are SO many out there. I was getting overwhelmed. I fell in love with titanium jewelry because it is durable. With the busy lifestyle that we both lead, we can't wear wedding bands that scratch and chip easily. The other thing I love about titanium jewelry is how lightweight it is. I don't care for heavy jewelry; I want something that is comfortable and easy to wear! 

I know he will love this ring and be surprised when he sees it on the day of our wedding, I just hope he has as good of taste as I do and pick me out a great ring, as well! :) 

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