July 23, 2012

He's Been Wanting This Miniature Precision Linear For a Long Time!

My guy has searched high and low for the perfect miniature precision linear actuator for ages. His company has put him in charge of scouting new products available on the market to make their company more cost-friendly yet effective. He is so excited to have found one! This is a linear actuator by Miniature Precision and is designed and sold by Specialty Motions, INC, a company that my man loves.

He only wants this product from Specialty Motions, INC. He knows that they carry the best of the best and some of their clients include Apple, NASA, Hewlett Packard, Bose, MIT, and John Force Racing. The products at Specialty Motions, INC are fantastic for many different fields and specialties. These include aerospace, medical, industrial, universities, automotive, government, and even motion pictures! These are all fields and specialties that require precision and perfection. That is why Specialty Motions, INC is the best of the best and why he only wants a miniature precision linear from them. Not only do they carry precision linear, but they also design and sell linear motion components, linear motion stages, slides, and actuators. I am amazed at this company after my man told me all of the great things about it!

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