July 21, 2012

Club Champ Golf Trunk Organizer

My guy loves to golf! He is always calling him buddies and meeting up with them to go golfing. This is a great activity for him because he loves to be outside and loves playing sports. They are always wanting to check out new golf courses together and love getting the latest and greatest golf gear, such as clubs, shoes, tees, and more. This is sometimes great for me, because then I get the house to myself for the day when he goes out golfing! 

Unfortunately, we sometimes share a car. We have two vehicles and sometimes take one another's vehicle when it is in a convenient spot in front of the garage. When he takes my vehicle golfing, I sometimes get in it to find a mess of shoes, golf balls, tees, hats, etc. in the backseat of my car. This drives me crazy! I was excited when I found this great golf trunk organizer. I ordered two of them (one for each vehicle), and he uses them all the time! He can keep his golf accessories organized and ready to go! 

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