April 2, 2012

Universal Remote

I went to somebody's house this weekend to grill out and have a bonfire. It was a fun group of people to hang out with and we had a lot of fun.
At one point during the evening, we wanted to turn music on via the television. I was asked to turn on the TV since the remotes were sitting next to me. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. The couple who owns the house has about 6 different remotes, each controlling one thing. It was so confusing that I had to give up!
I suggested the idea to Tracy that she should get John a universal remote as a gift. She was thrilled with the idea. She said she often gets confused with all the remotes that have to be used to perform simple tasks with the television. This product will make your life easier as well as reducing clutter in your home by reducing the amount of remote controls.

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