April 5, 2012

Golf Outing Bachelor Party

It can be hard planning a great activity to do at a Bachelor party when there's people there of all different ages. I'm helping to plan a wedding and there's groomsmen in the wedding ranging from 12 to 40.
In some weddings, the groomsmen are all around the same age. In that case they can go out to the bars and party hard. When there's a younger groomsmen, you want everybody to have fun and feel included.
A great way to celebrate a Bachelor party with a range of ages is a golf outing. It's a fun way to spend the day outside playing a fun game.
I also found a great gift to give a future groom at a Bachelor party at a golf outing. This is a Golf Club Kooler Klub. This is a fun way to carry beverages on the golf course. It's a cooler with a spout that holds 48 oz. of your favorite beverage! It can fit right in your golf bag!

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