April 15, 2012

Get Him a Cobalt Ring

I went to a wedding last night and had a blast! It was a ton of fun. A lot of my family was there and so were a lot of our friends. It was a great night. I'm glad I was able to celebrate such an amazing night with the people I know and love. The couple is so happy and so in love.

I got a chance to visit with them for awhile at the reception and noticed how beautiful their wedding bands are. They were so bright and white that I couldn't stop staring! I asked what kind of rings they were because I've never seen something so beautiful in a piece of jewelry before. They said they chose cobalt for wedding bands because of how bright they are at a fraction of the cost of platinum. They said with the huge cost of a wedding it's great to be able to save money when possible. Cobalt is also extremely durable. It's resistant to scratching which makes a perfect fit for their busy lifestyle.

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