June 23, 2012

Make His Travel Time Easier

My man has to travel a lot for his job. I always miss him so much when he leaves! At least he got me a puppy to stay home with me while he's traveling :) It sure makes it a lot better! We also like to get each other small gifts while the other one is away. I always give him his gift before he leaves, and he always gives me mine when he gets back home. Last time I got a delicious box of chocolates. This may not sound as fun when we know it's coming, but it's still so great!

I found this luggage tag that has a leather strap with a high polished silver finish. It is a first class luggage tag that makes travel time so much better. It can be filled out with a name, address, and telephone number. That way, if something happens where the luggage is lost, it's easy to have relocated back to the owner. This also makes it so bags don't get mixed up at the baggage claim center at the airport.

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