March 11, 2012


Giving something personal as a gift really shows somebody that they are important and that you care. It's a great way to make somebody feel special in that the item is just theirs and nobody else's.
I'm going to give a few personalized gifts to some of the great men in my life. For father's day, I would like to give my dad a gift of a travel toiletry bag (the one pictured above) with his initials customized on the bag. I think he will love this gift because he travels a lot and it will hold all of his toiletries perfectly! They also have duffel bags on this site that can be personalized as well. These gifts compliment eachother perfectly for a traveler.
I'm going to get personalized guitar picks for my brother. He loves playing the guitar and will use this all the time. I can't wait to see his face when he sees them! You can add a picture on one side and a message on the other.
There's so many ways to personalize items. Get creative and show some of the great guys in your life just how special they are!

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