February 22, 2012

Unique Titanium Bracelets

My husband and is partners at work received these titanium bracelets for a gift of 5 years. I think it is just a gorgeous bracelet. I was scared he wasn't going to wear it very often, because of all his other jewelry I got him, but he wears it fairly often and I'm glad. My father loves the bracelet that he got and I think he wants it! It's a gorgeous piece of jewelry and I think it is just something simple, unique and can dress up your outfit anytime.

I had to ask where he got the bracelet, because I love the design and the black diamonds in it. I thought that was so unique and now I want to find something with black diamonds. You don't see many pieces of jewelery with them in it and I want to find something unique and beautiful. I'm trying to hint that to my husband for my birthday coming up in a month! Hopefully he will catch on, but half the time I have to write it out for him, or just tell him what I want. I love him anyways.

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